Vinhomes apartment project

A home in Omaha is getting new pets for the first time in the city’s history.

Amber was brought into the apartment complex last month and has been doing well, her owner, Stephanie Lott, told KMGH.

The apartment is in a quiet neighborhood, but Lott said Amber is also loved by her two other cats.

“She’s always looking for people,” Lott told KMGN.

“Amber has a sweet little personality.

She’s like a dog.”

Lott and her husband were initially reluctant to adopt Amber.

She had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression at the time and couldn’t be trusted to live alone.

But Lott has since had an appointment with a mental health professional and is now in the process of bringing her into the city.

The family plans to stay in Omaha for a few more weeks to try and find the right fit for her.

Lott says she will try to get her new pet to live in a nice, quiet, well-kept apartment.

“We have the ability to have an environment where Amber can be her best self,” she said.

“It’s something that we feel is very important to her.”

Amber’s new home will be on the fourth floor of an apartment building near the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

A few more months are needed for her to be certified for the new home, but she is already showing signs of improvement, according to Lott.