Vinhomes apartment project

When you’re in a dorm room with a few other people and you’re just chilling in the corner, there’s a certain expectation of privacy that you can take for granted, but there’s no guarantee you won’t get a knock at the door when you’re about to be swept up in some sort of action.

That’s what happened to me last year.

I’d been at a party with a couple of friends when we were having a good time.

The whole party was really fun, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

I was walking by my dorm room and was sitting alone in my room, alone, when suddenly a security guard came and asked me if I was in.

He had my ID and told me to come to his office.

He then asked me to leave and I was just like, ‘Oh, I’m really not going to do that,’ but he came in and I asked him to leave.

He came back in and said, ‘You’re not in the right place.’

He was like, Oh, I didn’t see you.

I told him that he was in a bad spot, and he looked at me and said ‘You need to move, this is not good, I’ve got a problem with you, this party is over, and I need you to leave.’

I was like ‘Yeah, I know, I got the wrong address.’

But he just said, This is going to happen.’

I’m like, Okay, I’ll move, but I’m not going anywhere.

I’m a student, I can’t move.

I mean, it was really awkward, and then he went to his desk and started calling other students.

He was really annoying.

It was really weird.

I didn.

But he was like this guy, and that was really, really weird, and really uncomfortable.

He called me a lot, he said, I need a roommate.

I went to my dorm and was like: ‘What do you mean?

What do you need?’

He goes, ‘Well, I don’t have roommates.

I have a dorm.’

I was like.

‘Oh yeah, right.’

He goes, [he had] an apartment, and [he was] like, I just need a new roommate.

He said, no, I really need to call the college.

I was so mad.

He called me the whole night.

I had a phone number that I called the next day, but the phone number was disconnected and it wasn’t on.

It wasn’t even connected.

He came to my room and told my roommate, ‘I need to get you a roommate.’

She was like—Oh, this isn’t the best time to be like this.

He’s so rude, and she’s like, No, I want him to call me.

He just said I need him to come, and left.

I felt really bad.

I think it’s really annoying, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

He wasn’t just a jerk, but he was rude, too.

I don’ know why I let that happen, but then I went back to my roommate’s room and I’m like: [I] just don’t feel comfortable with my roommate anymore, and it was a little awkward, but she’s not mad at me anymore.

But I’m sad about that.

I’ve been on a roll lately, and my roommate is like my best friend, and we’ve been really good friends, so it’s just a little weird that I just felt like that, but yeah, it’s a weird situation.