Vinhomes apartment project

We got here by way of the river, and in a couple of weeks we’ll be heading to a brand new neighborhood.

The new neighborhoods we’ll visit will be the newest developments in an ever-growing network of apartment complexes and apartment buildings in Williamsburg, Long Beach, and Miami Beach.

The first wave of developments began in late 2014, with the completion of the first two towers at 1760 West 17th Street and 1760 South Broadway.

As developers began moving into the neighborhood, they began adding more residential units to the mix.

In late 2016, the West 17 and South Broadway apartments were completed and now sit atop the sprawling complex.

In 2017, construction on the new development began on the newest apartment building on the complex: The Riverfront Apartments.

In the last year, developers have added a second tower on West 17st Street, while the South Broadway apartment has been finished.

These developments have seen some major changes in appearance and character.

The buildings have been updated with a new, more modern look and feel.

This new look will be different than the previous wave of development, which saw the apartments rise along West 17 Street and the surrounding neighborhood.

The two towers have been moved to the west side of the complex, while West 17 is now located in the heart of the neighborhood.

This new development is called West 17, and it sits directly across from the Riverfront apartments.

The Riverfront apartment development looks a little different from the other buildings in the complex.

In fact, it is designed with a completely different aesthetic.

The exterior is a stark black facade that is reminiscent of a modernist museum.

There is no traditional black roof, instead opting for a modern, curved metal roof.

This exterior is reminiscent to the glass and steel structures in other large-scale urban neighborhoods.

The main feature of the new Riverfront development is a large plaza on the building’s first level.

The plaza is home to restaurants, bars, a gym, and an outdoor fitness center.

There are also two walkways leading to the plaza.

The walkways also connect to the street, making it easier to reach the new apartments.

The new Riverside apartments also feature an indoor soccer field, a playground, a children’s play area, and a large courtyard.

The park also features a water park.

The apartments in the new West 17 complex will be much taller than those in the previous developments.

According to the developer, the new buildings will house 2,500 units, which is significantly higher than the 2,100 units in the Riverview apartments.

This is likely due to the fact that the developers are expanding the number of units in their current development.

It’s unclear whether the apartments will be located in existing buildings or new apartment buildings.

There is also a significant number of new units that will be added in the West Broadway apartment development.

The developers have built a large new courtyard that overlooks the river.

The courtyard also has a large fountain, which will also be accessible to residents.

This courtyard also connects to the river on the west and south sides of the building.

The designers are also adding new balconies, which are designed to provide additional views of the waterfront.

The next wave of apartments is coming to the Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk development is located on the south side of South Broadway, just across from a shopping center.

The developer is building a brand-new complex on the riverfront that will house an additional 2,400 units.

This will be just over a quarter of the total number of apartments that will eventually be built in the neighborhood in the coming years.

This development will also have a larger park with a smaller pool, as well as new restrooms, a tennis court, and outdoor fitness area.

The area is already a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The developers are also planning to add more residential developments on the River Front development.

One of the developers is building three new apartments on the South and West Broadway sides of South, which includes two new apartment towers.

The towers will house two units each with a combined floor area of 1,000 square feet.

The South and North Broadway towers will also house one additional unit each with 1,200 square feet of floor area.

This additional floor area is expected to create an additional 1,400 square feet per unit.

The South and South streets will be divided into two blocks, while North Broadway will be part of a two-block block.

The apartments will all be located on South and East Broadway.

The developer has also made a few changes to the design of the South Beach neighborhood.

In addition to a new fountain on the park’s South Beach Boulevard, a new pedestrian plaza has been built on the corner of South and Ocean avenues.

The planners say this plaza will be accessible by car, bike, or foot.

The development of these new units will be a part of the city’s effort to rebrand South Beach.

In 2017, the