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In London, it’s no longer a good idea to rent out an apartment if you can’t afford to live in it.

The median price of an apartment in London is now almost twice that of the U.S. and almost seven times that of New York City.

It’s an impressive level of success for an industry that’s struggled in recent years to make ends meet.

The average price of a London apartment hit $2,700 in February, up from $1,700 just a few months earlier, according to real estate site Trulia.

London has seen a recent influx of foreign buyers to the city, who have bought properties for $2 million or more.

London is also the second-most expensive city for rental property in the world, after New York, according the Real Estate Institute of America.

And despite its success, London still faces a host of challenges: the lack of a dedicated housing strategy, a housing crisis that’s making it hard for many to get into housing, and a high rate of homelessness.

The U.K. has also been hit hard by Brexit and the fall in the value of the pound, and that could hurt the market further, particularly for rental properties.

So what is London really worth?

Here are 10 reasons why London is so valuable.


It offers an affordable option: The city has seen its value soar over the past decade, as people have moved to the U, Canada, and other countries.

With rents rising by more than 20 percent in London in the past year, people are spending more than ever to live, and Londoners are increasingly looking to their city as a cheap option to live.

The city’s residents have a lot to be proud of, including the city’s proximity to the ocean, which means there’s a great view of London every day, which is good for people who want to spend more time outdoors and explore.

The fact that you can live in a city with relatively affordable rents and a lot of amenities also helps keep people in London.

The number of listings has also increased over the years, with the city being on the rise, which makes it more affordable to rent.


It attracts young professionals: It’s hard to say whether or not London is a good place to be an artist, but the city is certainly a place where people can find a career path.

London’s high-quality schools and arts facilities are popular, and the city has plenty of artists, including musicians, sculptors, and graphic designers.

The arts scene is also growing, with artists such as Maren Morris and Jada Pinkett Smith having made it big in the U of A. And if you’re interested in getting into the music business, there are plenty of opportunities for young people to get a job in the industry.

London also has a vibrant arts scene, with shows like the London Art Students’ Association (LASSA) and the London Young Artists’ Club (LAYC) taking place in the city each year.


It is home to the world’s largest open-air museum: London is home a world-renowned museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, which hosts exhibitions that span centuries.

The Victoria and Aquarius, an exhibit of the first six years of the Human Torch, is one of the world-class museums, with over 60,000 pieces.

London, as well as other European cities, also have some of the most well-known museums in the country, with such places as the British Museum and the Louvre.

London offers a unique opportunity to get out and explore the city while also having an appreciation for architecture and art.


It boasts a number of museums and art galleries: There are many museums in London, but London is by far the largest city with a large number of galleries and museums.

Some of the largest include the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA), Tate Modern, National Gallery of Victoria, London Academy of Music, and Tate Modern.

London isn’t the only city to have an impressive collection of museums, as the U’S.

has museums in New York and Los Angeles, and there are several others like London’s Tate Modern and Tate Britain.

The British Museum is also a major attraction in London and boasts a collection of over 3,000 objects.


It has an affordable, vibrant economy: The U,S., and other European countries have had a tough time keeping pace with London’s rapid development.

As a result, the average annual rent in London has jumped by more to $1.8 million since 2009.

Londoners can get by on about $1 million a year, which isn’t too bad for a city of 1.5 million people.

In addition, the city also has some of Europe’s best universities, including UCL, Imperial College London, and Cambridge.


It welcomes international visitors: The City of London is located on the eastern edge of the United Kingdom, making it the best location for international travelers.

The island city is