Vinhomes apartment project

You could save a huge amount of money by moving into a two-bedroom apartment, according to the BBC’s Money podcast.

The show’s host, Ben Goldacre, asked listeners to share their stories on the podcast.

“I’m in a two bedroom apartment and I can’t afford the mortgage.

I’m thinking of going out on a holiday.

I have a big family and I’m struggling to find a job,” he said.

“So I’m looking at getting an apartment, but I don’t know where the rent is going to be.”

In his latest podcast, Mr Goldacre also pointed out that a couple of years ago, a friend moved in with him and was paying about £600 a month in rent.

“He was doing quite well, and I was thinking, ‘Oh yeah, well, it’s going to cost a bit more now, isn’t it?'”

But the rent has now dropped to about £250 a month.

“What’s happened is it’s gone up by about £500 a month,” he told the listeners.

“But that’s a bit much for a one bedroom apartment, isn´t it?”