Vinhomes apartment project

Stonegate apartments in Tampa are up nearly $2,000 per month, a significant increase from the year before, according to an apartment listing service.

The listing service Apartment Warehouse said rents in the Tampa area are up about $1.35 per month.

The city’s rental market was so weak during the recession that some apartment owners have decided to lease out their units to others for an average of $500 a month.

“Stonegate is a great place to live, and the prices are really reasonable,” said Jason Brown, a spokesperson for Apartment Warehouses.

“But they also have to contend with some really high rents, especially for a rental apartment.

The rent on the ground floor is $2.65 per square foot, so the units are in a very good condition and the rent isn’t too high.”

Brown said the apartment building is leasing a small apartment for $1 per month that will be converted to an Airbnb-style rental.

Apartment owners who rent in the building have to pay an additional $1 a month to use the Airbnb platform.

“The rent increases are very noticeable,” Brown said.

“Some of the units in the apartment are very, very expensive.

The rental units in Stonegate are up an additional 100 to 200 percent since we’ve been doing this.”

The rental increases come at a time when rental prices are down in the city.

The Tampa Bay Times reported last month that prices have been falling in Tampa for the past year and a half.

According to the Times, rents in Tampa dropped from $1 to $600 per month by the end of the year.

“This is a big problem for people who need to move out of the city,” Brown added.

“They have to find another place to rent in a city that’s now under a lot of pressure to attract new housing.

It’s a little bit of a surprise.”

The housing crisis in Tampa is not unique to the city, according the Apartment-Worthiness index, which measures the relative quality of an apartment’s units.

The index was created by the American Institute of Architects.

A report from the city of Tampa in March said that the median price of an average Tampa apartment was $1 million, and that prices were rising faster than the number of jobs in the area.