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Apartments in Birmingham, park place apartments and Northwood apartments are a common sight in the United States.

Each of these buildings has a different price tag and offers unique views of the cityscape, but they are all located in the same block of flats.

Apartments in birlamarketplace apartments,park house apartments,Northwood apartments,residential apartment block in Birmingham source The Hindustan Times title The most expensive apartment blocks for sale in the country: The latest list of top 10 most expensive apartments article According to the latest listings of the most expensive flats in the world, Birmingham has the most affordable apartment block.

The list was compiled by real estate agency Knight Frank and includes the most recent listings.

The most affordable apartments in Birmingham are located in Park Place apartments, which has a rent of $1,300 per month and North Woods apartments which has the highest rent of about $1.5 million per month.

In terms of the rent, Northwood has the best deal with a price tag of $3,400 per month, while the other two properties have a price of $2,700 per month in Park and $1-2,000 per month on the Northside.

The most expensive flat in the Birmingham market is located in South Park Place Apartments at the corner of Market Street and South Market Avenue.

The property rents for $2.3 million a month, but the apartment is located at a price point of $4,300.

The apartments in South Lawn Apartments have a rent tag of about Rs 7 lakh per month which is more than double the cost of the average apartment in the area.