Vinhomes apartment project

A $300 monthly rent in one of the most expensive areas of Las Vegas could become a reality for some renters in the city.

A move to the city’s pricier neighborhoods is not entirely unheard of, but it’s not something that many renters are comfortable with.

The move to Vegas, which includes the MGM Grand and the Mandalay Bay, is a popular tourist attraction, and it’s a common practice for some to move to Las Vegas.

But if you’ve been living in a rent-controlled apartment in Las Vega, you’re more likely to see your rent increase by a couple hundred dollars a month.

The cost to rent in the area is typically around $1,500 a month, but rents are capped at $1.50 a month in the most exclusive apartments, according to the real estate site Zillow.

The move would mean a decrease in rent for most renters in Las Vegas rent-restricted apartments, but that could change depending on how much money you save in the new year.

The city of Las Vegans housing market has been undergoing a rent freeze since November.

According to the Real Estate Board of Las Vega and ZillOW, the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the central part of the city is $1 a month and rents are limited to $1 per month in most of the central areas.

That’s a significant drop from the $1 to $2 a month rents in the more expensive areas.

It’s possible you could see rent in some of the more upscale apartment buildings rise if the rent cap is lifted, Zillows report noted.

Zillow’s calculations showed that if rent in most apartments in Las Vegas increased by 50 percent or more, the city would end up with $872 million in savings from the move.

However, some people who rent in Vegas might not be able to make the jump to the more luxurious apartments.

There’s a $300 cap for rent-contingent units in the two-story, three-bedroom homes that the city allows in Las vegas.

However, the cost of living in Vegas is often higher than the city of Vegas and some residents might be reluctant to move out.

The Zillower report said the city has already taken steps to address the issue, including increasing the rent limits in many of the higher-priced apartments.

Las vegas rent-control rules limit the amount of time residents can stay in their units, limit the number of people living in the apartment and limit how many days they can be allowed to stay in the unit.

The state of Nevada has a similar rent-restrictive rule that caps rent at $2.25 a month for renters in two- and three-story units.

The new rules would not affect the amount you can keep in your home if you have a mortgage, but the city says you should consider making that decision based on your circumstances and your income.

The city says that if you live in one apartment, and your rent falls by 50% in the next three months, you can move out of that unit to the other apartment and keep the same rent.

If you move out in one unit, you have the option to keep the rent the same.

You can only move out if you pay a monthly rent increase to rent a unit in a different building.

You also have to pay a $1 increase in the property tax.