Vinhomes apartment project

The Park apartments are located on a stretch of road that connects the Auburn Hills to the downtown area of Birmingham.

They are one of the few affordable apartments in the area.

The Park is located on the outskirts of downtown, right off the Birmingham River.

The apartment complex is surrounded by other affordable apartments, including the Jefferson Towers and the Jefferson Tower Apartments.

The apartments are one block from downtown.

There are also apartments in neighboring neighborhoods such as Oakwood Park, Spring Creek, and East Birmingham.

The Park apartments offer affordable housing for low-income families.

They also have two floors of apartments with the option of making the apartment available to the public.

Residents can use the apartments to take advantage of the park’s amenities and amenities like a gym, fitness center, and playground.

The park is also located just blocks away from the Birmingham Museum of Art and the Birmingham Art Museum.

The amenities of the apartments also include a community garden and a fitness center.

The apartments offer some affordable options.

Residents pay between $1,500 and $2,500 per month.

A family of four can afford to rent a room, which costs $1.50 per square foot.

A single adult can live in a one-bedroom apartment for $1 per square feet.

A two-bedroom space is $2 per square.

The two-unit apartment is $1 to $1 1/2 per week.

The cost of a one bedroom apartment in the Park is about $3,000 per month depending on size.

Residents rent the units for up to 10 years, which means they can live there for as long as they like.

The park apartments are part of the Birmingham Renaissance Park District, which includes the Jefferson Gardens and the Alabama Art Museum as well as the Jefferson Arts and Crafts Park.