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Arizona has the third highest number of rental cars in the country.

According to a new report from The Car Rental Report, the state has more than 4.3 million vehicles in its fleet, nearly twice as many as California.

There are an estimated 3.3 billion cars in Arizona’s fleet, making it the fifth most populous state in the union.

But if you’re wondering how to find a new lease, here are five things you need to know.


You can rent cars from a dealership in Arizona.

Most rental car dealerships are owned by a single company.

The majority of these companies do not rent cars directly to customers.

They rent the cars to a fleet of vehicles, which include trailers, vans, buses, and more.

When a rental car dealer leases a car, the dealership pays a rental fee to the rental company, and the company makes money on the rental fees.

When the rental fee is paid, the company passes the rental money to the owners of the rental car.


You’re responsible for a $250 monthly car insurance premium.

The average cost of a rental vehicle in Arizona is $1,400 per month, according to a recent report by the Federal Trade Commission.

While some rental car companies do offer car insurance for a lower monthly rate, most do not.

The car insurance that you get depends on how much money you make and how often you use the car.

Some companies offer lower rates than others.

A recent study from NerdWallet found that a rental company with a high cost of insurance was cheaper than a low cost company.


You need to check with your insurance company before buying a rental.

If you don’t have enough money to cover the rental, you might have to cancel your policy.

You might have a rental that doesn’t meet the vehicle’s specs, or you might not have enough cash to cover its deductible.

You also might not be able to afford a rental in the first place.

You’ll need to contact your insurance provider to make sure you are eligible for a discounted rate.


There’s no guarantee you’ll get a rental deal.

Most companies charge an upfront deposit that goes into your lease agreement.

That money can be used to purchase a rental if you decide to keep it, or to cover any outstanding rent that has accrued over the past three months.

You don’t need to put down cash upfront to buy a rental, but you may want to consider the amount you are paying for a rental before you sign a lease.


The Arizona rental market is a little pricey for the average consumer.

Arizona has one of the highest median home values in the nation.

You may also find that rental cars are priced more expensive than comparable cars in your neighborhood.

That may be due to the fact that the median price of a home in Arizona has risen significantly in recent years, and that some areas of the state have seen increases in house prices.

A study by RealHomeRentals found that Arizona home values increased by 12.4 percent from 2011 to 2017.

The number of homes with a market value of $2 million or more increased by 20.6 percent.

The median home value in Arizona in 2018 was $2.65 million, according the RealHome Rental report.