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— Kevin Costner has said he never wanted to play Halo.

But now he says he feels like he’s “been very fortunate” to play the game and is “happy to be the first person to do it.”

The actor said he has always wanted to get into the Halo franchise, but “never had the guts to do anything.”

“I never had a plan,” he said during an appearance in the company of his daughter in Halla.

“It was something I just had to go with the flow.”

Costner said he’s been playing Halo for “maybe a year and a half” and now “the game has gotten better and better.”

He said he loves the series and was “blessed” to be able to play it.

“It’s the only thing I’m really good at,” he added.

“But I’ve always been interested in it.

The idea that this is something that you can actually do is a cool thing.

I’m happy to be part of that.”

Costnner said the series is a “great example” of how he feels the world can be better.

“The way it was told, we were all fighting each other,” he recalled.

“But I think we all saw that the real world is a pretty good place.”

We’ve just all been really fortunate that the games have worked.

The game has been such a great success.

I love it.

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