Vinhomes apartment project

The Highlands Park apartments that have been featured in the “Mad Men” series have become something of a popular vacation destination in the last year, and the neighborhood is starting to get more attention from the national spotlight. 

As you may have seen from the above image of the Highlands Village apartments, the decor is more colorful and the style is more rustic than the more traditional look that is found in the homes in the city. 

While this may be a nice place to stay for a weekend, there are some drawbacks to living in the Highlands.

The main drawback is that it’s not as accessible to those who have to drive to New York City for work or school. 

But if you’re willing to do the work and can afford the cost of living, the apartments are a great place to spend a vacation. 

What do you think of the home decorating options in the Highland Park apartments? 

Do you have a favorite Highland Park apartment? 

What are some of the most popular Highland Park properties?