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The best places to live in Phoenix can be found in one place.

It may not be cheap, but the payoff is worth it.

The Phoenix area is home to a thriving community of professionals and retirees who live in high-end, spacious, and affordable homes.

This article is designed to help you find the perfect apartment in Phoenix.

To help you decide which of these properties are right for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 best apartments in Phoenix for 2017.

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Tempe House & Co. (MGM Residence)Located on the edge of downtown Phoenix, Tempehouse offers an array of stylish, modern, and upscale apartments.

These include an 18-story, 16-bath house and 2,700 square feet of retail space.2.

Rialto Estate (MMA Residence and Apartments)Rialto is a unique property in Phoenix that has been under construction for several years, and the project is currently under construction.

The Rialtos house has a pool, an outdoor patio, a large outdoor deck, and a heated indoor pool.

The building’s owner has said that the home will become a destination in its own right, and it will include restaurants and a movie theater.

The pool will be open year round.3.

Westin Scottsdale Residence & Apartments (Scottsdale, Arizona)Scottsville Residence, a new luxury hotel in downtown Scottsville, Arizona, is located on the southwest corner of the city.

The project is scheduled to open in the spring of 2021.4.

Diamondback Towers Residence at the Park at the Sky (Phoenix, Arizona; Residence Towers at the Phoenix Sky)The Diamondback Tower at the South Park Hotel in Phoenix is the tallest hotel in Phoenix and one of the most spectacular.

The complex features a 6-story glass-walled tower, and its rooftop is decorated with over 100,000 square feet worth of glass and stainless steel.5.

The Palace Hotel Phoenix (Phoenix) The Palace is located at 8th and S Streets in downtown Phoenix.

It features five floors of glass, including the 7-story Crystal Ballroom.6.

Scotts Valley House & Residence (Scotty Valley)The Scotts Village Resort at Scotts Avenue in Scottsland, Arizona is located just north of downtown Scotting.

The resort is home for more than 1,000 guests a year.7.

West Phoenix Residence ApartmentsAt the top of West Phoenix, a residential development that’s located just east of downtown, West Phoenix Apartments is located in a shopping district.

The property features 1,200 square feet and features two pool decks.8.

The Villa La Palma Residence on the South Side of downtown (La Palma, Arizona and Downtown Phoenix)La Palmas hotel and apartments is located north of Downtown Phoenix, just west of downtown.

It’s one of five hotels that’s open to the public.

The luxury villas have two pool rooms and a private deck.9.

West Valley Residence Residences (West Valley)West Valley Residences is a luxury hotel and condo complex in downtown West Valley, Arizona.

The hotel features three floors of high-rise glass and features a swimming pool.10.

The River Phoenix Residences in Phoenix (Riverside, Arizona & Phoenix)River Phoenix Residents is located across the street from the River Phoenix shopping center in Phoenix, Arizona’s third largest city.

It is home primarily to the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.11.

Tempo Residence At The Valley in Tempo (Tempe)Tempo Residences features one of Phoenix’s top residential and entertainment properties, a state-of-the-art hotel, and four different outdoor decks.12.

The Residence Villa of the West (Westminster, Arizona), an upscale luxury apartment complex located just outside of downtown Westminster, is a two-story building that features a pool and outdoor decks and a rooftop terrace.13.

The Valley Villa Resort & Residences In Tempe (Tempo)The Valley Villa Residences on the North Side of Downtown Tempe is an upscale condo complex.

The two-floor building features a rooftop deck and a pool.14.

The Sands Hotel (Scotting)Scotting Sands Hotel is located west of Scotts Landing in Scotting, Arizona in Tempos.

It boasts a pool house, indoor and outdoor pool, and an indoor spa.15.

The Mesa Resort Villa at the Scotts (Scotch)The Mesa Villa Resort Villa in Scotton, Arizona features two indoor pools and an outdoor pool.16.

Villa Villa (Las Vegas)Las Vegas is known for its casinos and resorts.

The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is the largest hotel in the world.

The 2,100 square foot Villa Villa Villa, located in Las Vegas, Nevada,