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Here’s how to rent a Orlando apartment.


Choose a location for your new apartment.

You want to choose a location where you can get the most space and get a comfortable apartment.


Renting in Orlando is not for everyone.

If you’re looking to live in Orlando for a short time, you can find condos, apartment buildings, townhomes and more.

Read more about Orlando apartments.


Find a roommate.

You don’t need to live together in your apartment.

If there’s a roommate you want to rent, ask if they’re interested in living with you in the apartment.


Find out if there’s space in the living area.

If a roommate can’t live in your unit, rent a room.


Be sure to get a credit check.

If your roommate has a credit report, it will help you make a decision about your rent.


Make a list of your amenities.

You’ll want to include the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, laundry room, TV room, and much more.


Pay the rent.

The best way to pay the rent is to make sure you have a credit card with a good balance, credit union account, and a good credit score.


Check your security deposit.

If the roommate is paying you rent, you may have to pay a deposit on the apartment to keep it in good standing.


Ask for your deposit back.

Your roommate can be the reason you need to get your deposit returned.


Have an interview.

Before you move in, you should get an interview with the landlord and ask about your security and the rent you’re paying.


Get your rent waived.

If tenants don’t pay their rent on time, they can be evicted from their apartment.


Have your security check.

You may have a security deposit, but it doesn’t guarantee your safety.

Check with your credit agency to make a determination about your rental.


Get a deposit.

You can get a deposit from your roommate.

But it’s not guaranteed.

If that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to file for a writ of possession.


Ask your landlord about your lease.

If they don’t give you a lease, you might have to negotiate with the apartment owner to get it changed.


Go to the apartment manager to find out what your lease covers.


Ask the apartment management if you need a security check before moving in. 17.

Ask if you have to wear a seatbelt.

If so, you need one.


Have a pet.

Pets can be a problem in Orlando, especially if they can’t be kept in the apartments.


Get an eye exam.

If someone comes in and damages your apartment, it’s important to get an eye doctor to check for serious damage.


Call your landlord if you think someone is stealing from your apartment and doesn’t show up for work.

If it’s someone else, you could have a claim against the apartment company.


Make sure you don’t have a pet at the door.


Talk to the manager about your pet.