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A mystery surrounds the mysterious disappearance of a highland park apartment, which has shocked residents.

Key points:It is understood the couple left the apartment on the weekend and went on holidayThe man is understood to have lived in the apartment for the last three yearsThe apartment is believed to have been rented out for more than three years by the same coupleIt is believed the man had a history of mental health problemsThe apartment in Perth’s highlands is one of a number of properties in Perth which have been sold off by a different couple in recent years.

The apartment was last rented out in April last year and the man is believed by police to have a history that had gone back to his childhood.

However, the man has a long-standing history of problems with mental health and is also thought to have had a psychiatric issue in the past.

Police believe the man and his partner left the Perth apartment on Saturday evening and went to a nearby pub.

It is not known where they ended up or what they were doing there.

Neighbours were shocked when they first heard about the disappearance, but police say they have not ruled out any possible explanations.

“I’m just really shocked, I’ve never heard of anything like this,” one woman said.

“It’s quite unbelievable and the police are going to be really interested to hear more about it.”

The apartment building in Perth has been used for two properties in the same period of time, according to property agent Peter Gee.

He said he believed the two properties were bought and sold with the same tenants in the three years since the apartment was rented out.

“The two apartments were sold with that same person for three years in a row,” Mr Gee said.

Police have appealed to anyone who was in the Perth apartments to contact them and assist with any enquiries.

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