Vinhomes apartment project

The most expensive apartment in Tocantins is on a hilltop in the heart of the city.

This is one of the most expensive apartments in Italy, with a 1,500 euro rent.

But there’s an upside to this, as this is also a popular area for vacation rentals.

The apartment is owned by the famous architect Stefano Gabrielli, who has a large portfolio of apartments in the region.

He recently completed a complex, the Bigness of the Villa della Pergola.

Its the tallest residential building in the entire Tuscani region, and it includes two floors of 1,800 square meters, which are equivalent to three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The terrace overlooking the hill is the largest in Toscani.

It’s only half an acre in size, and a total of eight floors have been built, with the first three floors already sold to private investors.

This terrace is the main source of light for the building, as the owners have a huge pool, which is lit by a series of lamps.

The building also has an outdoor patio.

The balconies overlooking the building have a large window that lets in views of the surrounding mountains, which include the Bagnoles hill.

Gabriellis luxury apartment is currently under construction.

It includes an underground garage, which houses a large amount of electrical equipment.

There’s also a garage for the kitchen, and the balcony with a view of the hilltop is home to the kitchen.

It can be reached via the underground tunnel that runs down to the terrace.

The first floor of the terraces building has a balcony overlooking the Baguio River, and this is the only balcony overlooking this part of the building.

The third floor is the living area of the apartment, and its located in the back of the complex.

Gabrieelli has also built a large garage for his family, which has the ability to store up to 30,000 gallons of water.

The family is in charge of the plumbing, which includes the shower, bathroom, and toilets.

The main bathroom is a full-size bathtub, with an electric shower, which runs continuously and has a water shower, as well as a separate shower.

The bathroom is surrounded by two separate doors, which lead to the living areas.

It has a kitchenette, which contains a microwave, refrigerator, and freezer, as a storage unit.

The kitchenette has a full size refrigerator and freezer.

The living room has a living room and a sitting room.

There are also separate living areas for the children.

The children’s room has an ice machine and a water feature.

The basement has an additional shower and laundry room, as there is a garage.

Gabria is also known for his work on luxury apartment complexes.

The Bagnole is the second-largest apartment complex in Toccaglia.

It is located in Toca, on the banks of the Baccano.

The property is named after the hill in which it is located.

The complex was developed in the late 70s by Gabriella Gabriello.

The second floor of this apartment complex has a terrace, a large pool, and an outdoor terrace that has a view to the mountains, and is also accessible from the terracotta garden.

The courtyard of the garden is also covered with large trees, which offer shade.

There is a garden garden for the kids.

It also includes a swimming pool, a garden for kids’ toys, and even a playground.

Gabi is known for having a very high standard of living in TOC.

The owner’s salary is 300,000 euros a month, and he is allowed to spend only half of that money on his family.

The apartments are extremely clean and in a very modern way.

There aren’t any windows or doors to the outside, which allows the apartments to be fully enclosed.

Gabo also allows for outdoor exercise, and his family also enjoys going for walks around the complex and the surrounding hills.

Gabia’s second apartment complex is located on the edge of town, and also overlooks the Baglio River.

It features an outdoor pool with an outdoor shower, a hot tub, and outdoor playground.

The owners have also installed a hot-water station in the garden.

Gabbia is the father of four children, who have also been allowed to attend a variety of sports events.

In addition to the residential complexes in Ticacantins, Gabi has also designed a large luxury apartment complex that has been built in the city center.

The estate is located near the city of Toca and overlooks Toca Lake.

It consists of three buildings.

The top level, which overlooks Lake Toca is home for Gabi’s private residence.

The villa on the other side of the lake is Gabis official residence.

This building includes a 2,500 square meter terrace with a terracota and a large swimming pool.