Vinhomes apartment project

When the next major move by the Los Angeles City Council could come is unclear, but it’s not likely until the end of 2018.

On Monday, Councilmember Tito Jackson proposed that the City Council pass a resolution approving a $500 million tax increase for a second phase of the Metro Gold Line.

That would give the city an additional $5.5 billion in revenue in 2019 and 2020, and another $7 billion in 2021 and 2022. 

Jackson also wants to create a special commission to study the issue of affordable housing.

He says it would be “essential” for the City to enact a law that prohibits affordable housing developments in a certain amount of time. 

But many residents say that’s not enough, and they are considering a petition that’s been circulating since June asking Councilmember Dan Garodnick to reject the tax increase. 

“I’m tired of it being a non-issue,” resident Maria Vazquez said.

“There’s no money in it.”

Garodnik is a Democrat and a member of the Council. 

Vazquez says she wants to see a new affordable housing plan for the city, one that includes affordable housing as part of a mix of housing for working class people. 

Another resident, Angel Rodriguez, said that while he supports the tax hike, he believes that’s about as much as he’s going to get. 

Rodriguez said that when he has his child and a wife, the money is going to come from the City’s tax base. 

He said that if the city does not enact the tax raise in the next few months, then he and his wife will have to leave.