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Brentwood is a relatively affordable area in the UK, but it is a tough place to live.

It is the capital of the North West region and it is also the home to the country’s second largest city, Liverpool.

With its low wages, low living standards and a small population, Brentwood has long been an attractive place to move to.

According to the latest Home Values Index, which looks at average house prices, Brentford has the second highest median house price in the country, just below Bristol.

The average house price at Brentwood, in other words, is more than twice the national average.

Brentwood’s median house prices are significantly higher than most other major cities.

In some areas, the median house is over 10 times the national median.

In others, it is just over a third the national rate.

Here are the median home prices in Brentwood: • Brentwood • St Andrews • East Stirlingshire • Northamptonshire • Hove • Southwark • Wandsworth • Brentford, north of London • Brentnall, south of London The median price in Brentford is over £180,000, more than double the national figure of £120,000.

• Brentridge, north-west of London Brentridge is a small city in North Yorkshire.

It has a population of less than 5,000 people.

Brentridge has the fifth highest median home price in England and Wales, just behind the capital London and Birmingham.

Brentnalls home is over five times the average UK price, according to the Home Values index.

Brentford’s median price is over 12 times the median price of a London borough, more then a quarter the average of the other major UK cities.

Brents median home is a third over the national price, but is still cheaper than many other major English cities.

It means the borough is home to around one in every four Brentford homes.

The median house value in Brentnills is £121,000 – well above the national mean value of £94,000 for the borough.

It also beats many other parts of the UK and is well above average in other parts.

Brentshire has a median house cost of just over £100,000 in Brent, just over half the national value of just under £72,000 and over 10 per cent of the national amount of £72.40.

• Wokingham Wokingam is a town in the south of England.

It was the home of the Duke of Wellington, who was born in Woking.

It borders Bristol and East Sussex.

Woking is a quiet, middle-class area with the median household income of just £45,000 a year.

The city is also home to a number of small towns, including Woking, which has the seventh highest median household cost in the whole of England and the ninth highest median housing cost.

Wokes median house costs are over 11 times the UK average, just above the London borough of Kensington.

Woke has a high median household wealth of £100 million, more often than not, and also a large number of young people.

• Bournemouth Bourny is a seaside resort town in south-east England.

The town is located in the Cheshire Sea, just 40 minutes from Bristol and the capital.

Bournys median house market price is just under half the UK median price.

Bays median house rate is over four times the price of London, just a third below the national level.

Bags median home value is £120 million, almost five times that of Brentnest and just over seven times the value of the borough of Haringey.

• Blackpool Blackpool is a coastal town in East Anglia.

It had the fourth highest median wealth in England in 2015.

Blackpool’s median home cost is just a quarter of London’s.

The market is also heavily dominated by a single-family house market, with a median home worth just over three times the market value.

Blackport has a very small population of just 6,000 residents.

Its median home has a market value of only £80,000 but is well over half that of London.

• Dorset Dorset is a northern town in England.

A few miles from London, Dorset has a large population of around 1,000 who live in coastal towns such as Sandymount and Clifton.

Its population is largely made up of retirees.

Dorset’s median market value is just £30,000 compared to London’s £300,000 market value, which is just six times that.

Dontts median home costs are also a quarter that of the average price in London.

The home is well below average in many other areas.

The borough has a smaller than average population of over 10,000 households, but the median income of Dontons households is well in excess of the entire population.

Dountons median house, meanwhile, is just five times as much as the national minimum wage.