Vinhomes apartment project

New apartments in Albuquerque are a good place to start looking for a new home, according to the latest listings available from

The Albuquerque real estate site says the market for rental apartments has been booming, with the number of units listed in the city surpassing the number that existed in the year before the market collapsed.

ApartmentList has been keeping a running tally of apartments in the Albuquerque area, which it says includes over 1,000 properties for sale.

The listings include many of the same features found in the listings for apartments in Phoenix, New York City and New Orleans, and are a nice starting point for anyone wanting to move in.

The number of listings in the region is also rising.

A month ago, Apartment List listed over 2,500 units in Albuquerque, up from around 1,600 the previous month.

The city has seen an uptick in rents in recent years, and rents for apartments have also risen in other cities.

A recent report from the National Association of Realtors found Albuquerque was the second-highest-paying market in the nation, with rents increasing from $1,942 per month in 2016 to $1.636 in 2018.

The New York Times reported last week that rents in the metropolitan area are increasing at a rate of more than 10 percent per year.