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Now Listening to this podcast, we’ll be asking some interesting questions about our country’s capital city.

We’re looking at the different types of housing, how it’s built, how its owned and how people have reacted to it.

It’s a mix of the things that are happening here in Australia right now.

What we’re looking for are the different kinds of housing that are in place, and how the people who live there are reacting to it, and that’s what we’re going to be doing.

What does it take to be a successful landlord?

How can you get the best rental property?

And what do you do to make your rent go down?

We’ve got some answers for that in this podcast.

You’ll hear the answers.

And you’ll hear from some of the people that own homes here in Sydney.

They’ll tell us about their experiences, how they get the homes built, what they like about them, and why they’ve made them their homes.

But, most importantly, we’re all going to learn about how the city and the people live here, and the stories behind the houses they own.

We’ll hear about how people got into the housing market, how we got into this mess, how the boomers are feeling right now, and what’s changing around us.

We also know a lot about our housing crisis, but we’re not going to talk about it right now because it’s getting too emotional for a lot of people.

We have a couple of other stories here.

One of the reasons that the Australian economy has been so hard for so long is that it’s been a very unequal economy.

And we are one of the richest countries in the world, but the disparity between rich and poor is enormous.

And that’s one of two big reasons why the Australian housing market has been such a problem.

And one of those big reasons is that there’s a lot more inequality here than in other rich countries.

So, we’ve got a huge housing gap, but there’s also a huge inequality between rich people and poor people.

And when people have the ability to buy their own homes and be in a better place financially, that means that there are more opportunities for them to make more money.

And people are looking for a better home, and they’re looking to get into a better property, because they want to be able to live better, to have more opportunities to make a living, to be financially independent.

So we’re really starting to see a lot changes.

In fact, the housing crisis is one of many that’s been taking place in Australia.

And the last time we had this kind of massive economic crisis, in the mid-2000s, Australia was really very good for a while.

It was an economy that was growing, it was growing in a way that had an economy.

It had a strong national economy, which was able to export goods, which had a big middle class.

And it was the world’s third-largest economy.

But it was also very, very unequal.

And a lot in that inequality is driven by things like income inequality, which is where you have a much smaller share of income going to the top of the income distribution, but a very, large share going to those at the bottom.

And what’s really happened over the last 20 years is that the income of the top 20 per cent has grown by over 40 per cent in the last decade, and those incomes are actually very, much higher than they were in the early 2000s.

And so we have a lot less equality at the top end of the distribution.

And also in the middle of the overall distribution, which includes the top half of the population, the top one per cent have actually grown more slowly than they have at any point in the history of Australia.

So that’s a very big problem for the middle and lower middle class people in Australia who are working hard and trying to make sure they’re able to have