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San Francisco, CA – August 25, 2018 – The apartment market is heating up, and many renters are taking advantage of it.

We took a look at some of the best apartment rentals in the Bay Area to get you started on your search. 

The Best Apartments in San Francisco: 1. 

Empire Apartments, East San Francisco at $3,300/month   The Empire Apartments is one of the largest apartment complexes in San Franciscos market.

With 3,700 units, it offers a great mix of amenities including: an indoor pool, a spa, café, and gym as well as a private elevator. 

The property also has rooftop pool and an indoor hot tub. 

This apartment complex has been renovated for a 2018 renovation and will be remodeled for 2018. 

Check out this video from the Empire Apartment about what’s included in the apartment.


Ventura Apartments , Ventura at  $4,500/month This is one apartment complex that’s going up. 

“Venturas newest apartment will be a three-bedroom, 1,700 square foot apartment with a full-service kitchen, laundry, fitness center, and more,” the building states on its website. 

You’ll also find a private gym, pool, and indoor hot bath. 

In addition, the apartments have a “seating area with a private balcony” that “will provide the best views of the city and the ocean.” 

Check it out on Instagram for a preview of what’s to come.


Westfield Westfield, San Francisco $5,000/month (as of March 2018) This three-story, two-bedroom condo complex has 3,800 square feet of space with two full-time staff, and a gourmet bar. 

On the website, you can find a short video that shows the amenities of the complex. 


Logan Square Apartments , Logan Square at  $7,200/month  This five-story luxury apartment complex offers 5,600 square feet and is one-of-a-kind in San Fran. 

It’s located on the waterfront at Logan Square and is an amazing example of how an apartment complex can offer such a wide variety of amenities. 

A restaurant and bar are located at the base of the tower, as well as rooftop pools and a fully stocked bar.

You can find this apartment complex on Airbnb. 


East Village Apartments at (as of February 2018)  This three bedroom apartment complex has 4,400 square feet with a pool, fitness room, a private entrance, a “private balcony” and an elevator.

There is also a private dog park. 


El Cortez Apartments & Residences , El Cortez at ($7,600/month) Located on the edge of San Francisco’s Chinatown, this five-bedroom apartment complex is situated in an area called The Pigeon Alley, a popular neighborhood that is also home to the El Cerrito Park and the Chinatown Market. 

At $7,300 a month, you’ll find a gym, an outdoor kitchen, a fitness room and a private balcony. 


Ferrara at £6,000 (in 2018)The Ferrara is a two-story apartment complex located in the heart of the Mission District. 

Its a beautiful three bedroom, two bath complex that offers access to the Castro, Golden Gate Park, Castro District, the Golden Gate Bridge and The Pampas, and is located on both sides of the Ferry Building. 

 There are also private cabanas in the building and it has rooftop pools. 

(In 2018, this apartment was renovated and has now been upgraded for 2018.) 


Oakland Hills Apartments (as for 2017) (updated December 2018)This five bedroom apartment is located in Oaklands historic district, Oakley, which is home to Oakleys iconic restaurants, shops, and restaurants. 

Located in the heart of Oaklawn and Oakmoor are the Oakmont, El Rey, Gramma, Mallory and Oakmont are just a few of the many specialties that are available in the oaklyn. 


Casa de Ochoa, San Diego at  £9,300 (March 2018)  The apartment complex in San Diego, CA is one the most popular in the country, with a 2,600 sq.ft. building that has two full time staff, one full-timer, and multiple amenities.

The building also has an off-site sanctuary that