Vinhomes apartment project

Windy conditions are causing a tear-down in Dublin.

But for a couple, it’s a long-standing problem in the city and they have to live in a stone-walled property in a country club apartment.

The owners, a couple who were evicted from a Dublin apartment last year, had to move to a house in south Dublin last year.

The new owners are looking to move their family to a country home, but for a family that has been in Dublin for a decade, this is the first time they’ve had to relocate.

The couple’s son and daughter have been in the apartment since they moved in in November last year and have been living there ever since.

Their son, who has Down’s syndrome, and daughter, who is in her mid-30s, have been at the home since they bought it last year for €2.3 million.

They were told by the council in March that the apartment would be torn down and moved to a different part of the city.

But the couple were forced to move when their landlord’s house flooded and they had to get a new place in the same block to get their apartment moved.

The owner said he would not have to pay for the new house in the new block because it was a government scheme and not his own.

“I’m the one who owns the property,” he said.

“If it’s government funded it shouldn’t have to go to council, but I’m in no position to say whether it should or shouldn’t.”

He said he had already had to sell his property for €1.4 million to help finance his daughter’s house in Ballinamore.

“They’ve had their whole family moved in, my wife and my two children, and we’re in a place now where we have to sell the house,” he added.

“It’s a massive loss to the whole family, so we have no choice.”

They said the new owners were now facing a €3 million payment from the council for the loss of the apartment.

But their landlord said the money had been approved by the Irish Water Authority and that they were still waiting for the payment.

“We’ve got a number of houses in the area that are already up and running, but we haven’t been able to get any funding for our property,” said Mr Breen.

The council said they had been contacted by the couple but that the payment had not yet been approved.

“The matter is being referred to the Department of Housing and Community Renewal for further action,” said a spokeswoman for the Department.

“However, it is the responsibility of the council to seek any other suitable options.”