Vinhomes apartment project

Zillower is announcing a flurry of new properties, with the company announcing 3,002 new units.

The apartments and condominiums are available for purchase through Zillows New Homes program, which allows individuals and families to own and rent apartments and condos.

The company will also announce that it has received the first-ever $1 million, 20-year lease for its headquarters in the heart of downtown DC, as well as an undisclosed deal with a private-equity firm to develop and redevelop an office building. 

Zillow said that the New Homes lease for the headquarters in downtown DC was an initial offer.

The announcement came as Zillowers New Homes, an initiative of Zillowed, Inc., will launch in 2019.

ZillOW will also continue to offer leasing opportunities for new units, with plans to increase this year, according to the company. 

The company said that it will continue to provide financial information on the Zillowing website, and it will update its app with more properties available for leasing. 

“The Zillogear team has done an amazing job of building a strong brand and community of loyal users across the globe,” Zillovision CEO Eric Epps said in a statement.

“We are delighted to continue building on the momentum from the success of the New Houses program, and continue to work closely with Zilloo to deliver even more affordable housing and apartments across the United States.”

The company also announced that it is working on the development of a new hotel in the DC area, with construction beginning this fall and the first floor of the hotel slated for completion in 2021.