Vinhomes apartment project

Cortland, NY (CNNMoney) — A 6-room, 7.5-bath condo in a Cortland neighborhood with no windows has been rated by real estate agent Tom Johnson, who has listed it for $3.6 million.

The property is on a parcel that also houses an apartment building and a high-end condominium.

The 6,000-square-foot condo is on the 1.7-acre parcel and is located at the end of an alleyway, according to the listing.

The house also has a large yard and two garages.

The apartment building has a two-bedroom and three-bath apartment.

The condominiums is a 4-bedroom unit, while the garage has two garagers.

The home has been renovated several times over the past few years and is currently listed for $5.3 million.

 The Cortland property was originally built in 1930.

The listing is the latest of several that have been posted online.

The online listing is available in several languages.