Vinhomes apartment project

The East Cambridge apartment complex has been the top-rated apartment complex in the country for more than a decade.

Cambridge is the first major city in the US to get a five-star rating from the real estate website Zillow.

The average listing price of a Cambridge apartment in 2017 was $2,716, according to Zillows, while a Cambridge resident can rent for $1,769 a month.

Zillowers’ listing shows the complex’s luxury amenities and affordability compared to other Cambridge apartments, and the amenities of the unit’s spacious living spaces.

The apartments also come with complimentary WiFi, and a fully equipped kitchen and living area.

Cambridge residents can also enjoy free wi-fi, a large walk-in closet and laundry facilities, and access to the internet.

The complex also has plenty of outdoor space, including a rooftop pool, and outdoor furniture.

The property is located just off of the University of Massachusetts Boston campus.