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In New York and Chicago, the apartments you can buy in your city are getting increasingly expensive.

The price of one bedroom apartments in Los Angeles and San Francisco has jumped more than 50 percent in the last year.

And in Phoenix, the average new apartment rent is now more than twice the average of the citywide average.

The median price for a one bedroom apartment in Phoenix jumped more from $1,700 to $3,600 in the past year.

The Phoenix metro area has seen an explosion in rental prices.

The city has seen one of the largest price hikes in the nation, rising to more than $3.2 million in July from $2,600 the year before, according to the National Association of Realtors.

The Phoenix area has also seen a significant increase in housing units that have been vacant or were sold for less than market value, according the National Realtor Association.

For a family of four, a single bedroom apartment can cost $1.7 million in Los Angles and $2.8 million in Chicago, according UBS data.

The rent for a three bedroom apartment, on the other hand, can be as much as $2 million.

In New York City, apartment rents are now more expensive than they have ever been, according a new study.

The average apartment price in the city jumped more in the first six months of this year than in any other six month period.

And it’s more than double the median rent of $750 a month for a single person in the metro area.

A new report from real estate firm CoreLogic found that the median price of an apartment in New Jersey in May is up more than 60 percent from last year and the median rents for a studio apartment are up more at more than 100 percent.

New York’s housing market has been a boon for investors looking for a place to invest in real estate, and there are more people willing to pay more for a home in the Big Apple.

The city’s real estate market has seen a surge in investors.

The number of new listings has nearly tripled over the past five years, according real estate broker Tom Friesen, and he says it’s not just the rich looking for apartments, but middle class families too.

He said New York is home to “more families who are willing to put money down and move there, and that’s a great sign.”