Vinhomes apartment project

San Jose, California, United States – It can be a stressful time for renters when they move to the big city, but a new study shows renting a San Jose apartment may be a wise move for most people.

According to the research from, San Jose rents are the highest in the United States and are among the most affordable.

In San Jose’s rent-controlled apartment market, rents average $2,500 a month for a two-bedroom, which is more than half the price of Manhattan and $2.5 million in Chicago.

While rent-regulated housing is an important step in getting a rent reduction or a lower rent, the study found that rent stability in San Diego, Los Angeles and Portland is not that attractive for most renters.

In Portland, rents are slightly higher than San Jose.

Rent stabilization is a term used to describe a number of measures that allow a tenant to rent an apartment while reducing their monthly rent by a percentage.

Rents stabilized by a certain percentage are called rent-stable and include rent reduction.

The study found there are about 5.3 million people in the San Jose area who are renters and rent stabilized.

That includes 4,000 households that are rent-restricted.

The median rent in the city is $1,800 a month.

The study found rent stabilization is not a panacea for renters, however.

Rents stabilized with a certain amount of rent decrease are generally affordable and can be easily met with tax credits or subsidies.

In fact, rent-reserved households in San Mateo County had median incomes of $53,821, which was higher than the national median of $52,716, according to the Census Bureau.

The researchers said in their report that rent stabilization may be especially valuable for those with young children.

Young adults are often more likely to be unemployed and more likely than older adults to be in and out of shelters, said the report’s co-author, Rachel Buehler, a senior research associate with

But the researchers also noted that rental stability is a complex issue that requires input from tenants and landlords.

Buehl said she and her co-authors plan to release a report in the next couple of months that will highlight how to reduce the amount of time it takes for rent stabilization to be achieved.

“Rent stability is something that needs to be a very thoughtful, thoughtful approach,” Buehn said.

The San Jose Rent Stabilization Study is based on a survey of 1,100 San Jose residents who were asked about their housing situation.

It is part of a larger study from Rent,com, that looks at the factors that can affect the affordability of rental housing in the Bay Area.

The survey also looks at other factors that influence renters, such as their job status and the type of housing they are considering renting.