Vinhomes apartment project

Hyde Parks, a luxury apartment complex in the Atlanta suburb of Atlanta, announced on Monday it has received $2.3 million from the National Housing Trust to help finance affordable housing in its development.

The NHT said Hyde parks apartments will offer apartments ranging from studios to four-bedroom, which will cost between $1,300 and $1.8 million a month.

Hyde parks, a popular destination for weekend warriors and vacationers in the U.S., is a part of a larger $1 billion investment to build and renovate existing affordable housing, the NHT added.

The investment includes an additional $400 million in housing tax credits for investors.

“Hyde Park is a destination for many families who are looking for affordable housing to help them move closer to the jobs they love,” said NHT Secretary-Treasurer Richard H. Verrilli.

This is the first investment in the construction of affordable housing that the NHS has made in the United States, the agency added.

The Hyde park complex, which opened in 2018, was designed by local architects and is designed by the firm of Narrow & Company.

At the time of the Hyde PARK apartments announcement, there were 8,955 apartments in operation in Atlanta, according to the NDT.

The Hyre park apartments are located in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Last year, HydePark announced plans to convert an existing parking lot at the Atlanta BeltLine into affordable housing.

Hydepark had planned to convert a nearby parking lot into affordable apartments, but was told by the Atlanta Landmarks Commission that the parking lot would not be redeveloped as affordable housing is required.

As of 2018, the Hyre parks apartments were estimated to be serving 1,100 people, according the NHD.