Vinhomes apartment project

Atlatlantas are usually built to house wealthy individuals, but this year, one of the largest apartment projects is going to cater to an upper middle-class crowd.

It is called Midtown Atlatlan, and it has a building that will house about 100 people.

The project is the result of a collaboration between the Midtown Development Corporation and the City of Seattle.

The apartments are being built on an 80,000 square foot lot in the heart of the city’s Midtown neighborhood.

The development has been going on for about three years, and the first unit is due to be completed in mid-2018.

There will be a large mix of rentals, from studios to one-bedrooms, and two-bedroom units.

The units will be built for people with disabilities and seniors.

 Atlatlans were built to accommodate a large number of people, but there is a concern that they may become too crowded, said John DeLong, the managing director of Midtown.

It’s a question of density, and whether it’s an ideal design.

He said that the density in the apartments is going up.

“We have to build a system to help accommodate a higher density, to be able to accommodate more people,” he said.

DeLong said that people are not necessarily looking to be living in the same building, they’re looking for the perfect fit.

The apartments, he said, are going to be very similar to the ones in downtown Seattle.

The buildings will be on the upper level, where they will have a restaurant and bar and a large parking lot.

Atlatlan will be the first affordable housing project in the Seattle region.

The city has an affordable housing initiative called Downtown Seattle, which allows people who qualify for the city program to live in units within 10 feet of the street.

For a $1,500 deposit, the person who lives in a unit can then apply for an apartment with a monthly rent of $2,300. 

In addition to the apartments, the city will also build a new $1 million housing project on the site of a former fire station on Capitol Hill.

The development is going on in the Eastlake neighborhood, near the University of Washington.

It has a 1,800-space parking garage, an outdoor patio and other amenities.

It will be mixed-income and include more than 30 apartments and condos.

It is going in an area where the area has been experiencing a housing shortage, DeLong told the Times.

He hopes the development will create jobs and help address the housing crisis in the area. 

The project is being built by the MidTown Development Corporation, which is a nonprofit organization with offices in Washington, D.C. and New York City.

The agency is partnering with the Seattle Department of Transportation to manage the project, and is seeking to have it completed by the end of 2021.