Vinhomes apartment project

A large-scale renovation of the racy, three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment building in downtown Raleigh is nearing completion, but residents and community members are still trying to figure out how it will fit into the neighborhood and their lives.

Residents have a few key concerns, though: How will the apartment be transformed from a living space into a commercial space?

How will residents navigate a newly renovated building, which will be built to the standards of modern office buildings?

Will it be a space for families to enjoy and socialize, or is it a place where people can just chill out and be a part of the community?

And will residents be able to get in on the ground floor, as planned, to build a better life for themselves and their children?

[Editor’s note: this is a condensed version of the story originally published on April 10, 2017.

Additional questions have been added.]

The R-Arch apartment project has been a long-awaited effort by developer Raleigh Development to revitalize the blighted, dilapidated building.

The developer has been working on the project for almost a decade, but construction began in December 2017 and is now nearing completion.

Residents and the Raleigh Housing Authority are working together to finalize the plans, and the R-Art building will be a new home for a group of local families and residents.

Raleigh Development is currently in the process of selecting a site for the new apartment, and residents will have until September to weigh in on which site they’d like to buy the project from.

It is not known exactly how many units will be available for purchase, though the company says that it hopes to have the apartments available for sale in early 2018.

Residents will have to submit a proposal and rent the units by May 31, 2019, according to the project website.

Residents may also opt to buy a portion of the units in order to take advantage of the developer’s plan to offer rent discounts to low-income residents.

The company is also working to rent the apartments for tenants from the Raleigh Community Housing Association, according a company representative.

R-Arch, the first building in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, was built in 1958, and is one of the city’s oldest buildings.

The building has long been known as a home for families, and was home to some of Raleigh’s earliest African American residents, who were mostly housed there until the 1960s.

In the 1980s, the Raleigh-based developer Raleigh Real Estate Investment Group (REIG) purchased the building and converted it into a condominium development.

After the condominiums were sold to the REIG group, a number of the buildings residents lived in were demolished and redeveloped, and many of them were converted into apartments.

Residents continued to live in the old buildings, including the Raleigh apartments, as they began to fall into disrepair.

The developer plans to make the renovated R-Arts apartments a new neighborhood home.

Raleigh Development is planning to build the apartments to the city standards of the 21st century, and will offer rent and monthly payments of $5,000 to $15,000 per month.

Residents who purchase a portion will also be able purchase apartments in the building at a discounted rate, the company said.

[Editor, April 2018]”Raleigh’s commitment to improving Raleigh’s neighborhoods is unwavering and includes investments that are focused on making the most of the RAs historic properties,” said Raleigh Development CEO and CEO Tom Selleck in a statement.

“We are proud to have built the largest residential development in North Carolina’s history and look forward to the completion of the project in the coming months.”

The project will include 2,500 units of rental apartments, including a community hub and community garden, which residents can enjoy during their stay.

In addition, the development will include offices for Raleigh’s Housing Authority and the city, and a new outdoor fitness center and a bike path.

“We’re thrilled to see Raleigh real estate team take the lead in bringing a new and exciting urban renewal project to the RArch neighborhood,” said Richard St. George, director of Raleigh Housing and Community Development.

“They’ve worked diligently to ensure that the neighborhood is prepared for the project, and this is another step in helping revitalize R-Arc, a neighborhood that has been suffering with a long list of blighted and dilapidating properties for decades.”

The Raleigh Housing Authority, which owns the apartment project, plans to build affordable housing in the project.

R-HAC plans to provide affordable housing and help the project transition to a new building, while the Raleigh Urban Development Corporation (RUDC) will work to build community and public space for the community.

RUDC also will be responsible for the construction of a community center, community gardens, and an outdoor fitness area.

Randy Williams, director for development for Raleigh Housing, said in a release that the RHCA will continue to provide financial and technical support to the development and to the Raleigh Development