Vinhomes apartment project

A landlord is supposed to get rid of a bad tenant by giving the tenant the keys to the apartment or letting the landlord go out on his own terms.

However, in some cases, tenants can get away with a much harsher punishment than that. 

In the case of one apartment, a tenant who lived there for 10 years, was convicted of “fraudulently obtaining and possessing property for personal use,” and sentenced to five years in prison, The Washington Post reported.

The landlord who was caught on tape, John Lee of Arlington Heights, Illinois, had already been charged with “failing to give a notice of eviction,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Lee had to give the tenant’s landlord the keys and was ordered to keep them at all times, the Tribune reported.

But in an email to The Huffington Post, the landlord said that he “did not do this for personal gain,” but “in fact was protecting the tenant from possible harm to their health and safety.”

Lee, however, said he didn’t take advantage of his position and “didn’t have the legal authority to evict the tenant, who has been living in the apartment for 10+ years.”

He said that the tenant would have been evicted anyway, so it’s not his fault.