Vinhomes apartment project

RIVERSIDE, Queens — The city is moving fast to create a new residential zone, but not without some questions.

The Queens-Midtown waterfront has long been a hot spot for residents, but its popularity is waning amid construction and demolition.

And the city is asking for more money to help pay for the projects.

Riverside, with its diverse population, has the second highest concentration of single-family homes in New York City after the Bronx.

But the borough is seeing its residents move out of the city in record numbers, mostly in the form of condos and apartments.

A new residential zoning is being considered for the area that includes the Hudson River waterfront, with the goal of creating more homes for low- and moderate-income families and creating jobs for people like myself, according to the city’s Department of Buildings.

The proposal is still being worked out, and it’s unclear when it will be approved.

The new development would encompass a mix of single family homes, apartments and condominiums, with a goal of adding 50,000 new units in the next 20 years, according the city.

It would also include a “park and recreation center,” which would be located in the heart of the waterfront, said the city spokesman.

A large part of the work would be the rehabilitation of the area around the river.

The area currently contains a variety of historic buildings, including the National Cathedral, the New York State Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The area, the city said, would be transformed into an urban core, with parks, bike paths and pedestrian pathways, and “renovated sidewalks, improved streetlights, better lighting and traffic calming.”

The plan is a continuation of work the city has already done in the area, which includes the rehabilitation and demolition of several structures and the redevelopment of two existing buildings, the Department of Design and Construction said.